The Art of Visual Storytelling


A transformational online photography course, that will give you clarity and direction to find your artistic voice

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10-week course and community
empowering you to express yourself with imagery

Because you are unique and you can stand out

I mean it. There’s no way you can steal, copy or create something similar to what other people create if you connect your inspirations with your personality, interests, pains, and joys of your past and your core values. This course gives you the tools and structure on how to do it. 

You shoot technically good beautiful portraits, landscapes, and still-lives admired by people, yet you feel that there’s more to photography? Or maybe you picked up a camera specifically for discovering that hidden part of TRUE you, that part that makes you unique and lets you stand out from the crowd? Your dreams, feelings, and emotions beg to be told, but you’re not sure where to start and how to execute creative projects? If you said “yes” to at least 2 of those questions, this is the course for you!


Imagine creating visual stories, that are truly uniquely YOU and don’t resemble anyone else's. Imagine standing out with your art, without being stuck in drawing inspiration from people on Instagram and Pinterest. Imagine creating not just pretty pictures, but work that has meaning and makes an impact on others.


Imagine having a community of supporters, who welcome your creativity and all the crazy weird ideas that you might have and that people around you might not necessarily understand. A community that cares for your success, that makes you accountable and that challenges you to become a better creative every single day.


The Art of Visual Storytelling gives you the tools and practices to be authentic with your art and make a real impact on your viewers by telling meaningful visual stories.

Enrollment is closed! Join the waiting list!

Definitely, this course made me question so many things, made me change the way I create and think about my images. What you gave us here is gold! I have enjoyed The Art of Visual Storytelling sooo much!!!


Ronny Garcia, Santiago, Chilie


As a result of completing the course, you will


Be able to create meaningful visual stories that stand out from the crowd:

  • Know how to apply a structure of a good story to your work to make it stronger;
  • Find the stories within you and know how to tell them in a way that catches people’s attention;
  • Effectively communicate emotions with means of light, color, and other image elements.

Define what YOUR unique stories should be about:

  • Discover what you want to communicate through your photography (and believe me you have a message that you want to send out there, even if you’re not sure what it is yet);
  • Blend your personality, background, and experiences with your visual inspirations;
  • Connect to your true purpose as an artist.

Let go of mental creative blocks:

  • Get the most of your inspirations without bluntly copying the work of others;
  • Train your mind to instantly come up with authentic ideas;
  • Never be afraid of being creatively stuck again.

Map out a series of works that speak your truth:

  • Generate a topic for a future series of works;
  • Think through, sketch, and create a set of rules for your series;
  • Create your plan of action for shooting your brand new art project.



After completing the course, you’ll be a more confident happier artist, who has the structure and clarity to create works, that stand out, grab people’s attention, have a meaning, but most importantly speak YOUR truth. This is what graduates of the previous course runs report: the course does give you the simple tools to find concepts that are meaningful for YOU, while taking away the stress of desperately searching for random originality. It’s not a magic pill though and you’ll have to work A LOT. If you’re ready for that, join the waiting list to be the first one to get an invite, when the enrollment doors are open!


I'm very inspired. I have 3 series ideas now and I'm trying to get everything in order before I start shooting. Thank you so much!

Anne Calamuci, Washington, USA

Watch what the Art of Visual Storytelling Graduates are saying! 

Who is it for?


This course will work perfectly for you if you’re:

  • At the beginning stage of your photography path and need practical guidance of finding your authentic voice
  • An established photographer who wants to change your direction and create work that’s more personal and authentic
  • A creator, who does not necessarily identify as just a photographer, but wants to create eye-catching images that stand out from the crowd

What is it about?

The course is a 10-week guide into your creative photography journey and contains info on:

  • A simple 5 step roadmap to help you tell GREAT visual stories with your photos
  • Practical techniques for generating ideas instantly
  • Simple tools for eliminating creative blocks
  • The exact framework I use to create emotional images that resonate with my audience (including the surprise elements that I use)
  • Why you should work in a series and not individual images

What’s included:

  • Year-long access to the course lectures;
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions where you'll be able to send me your questions on everything related to my photography;
  • PDFs with practical home assignments on finding ideas and course materials;
  • Handy worksheets on getting ready for your future shoots;
  • Life-long access to the closed Facebook community, where you can share your future works and get practical tips from Dasha and other community members;
  • Discounts from Dasha’s partners;

What do you need for the course?

  • A personal computer with internet access;
  • camera, which you’re comfortable with - recommended, but optional, since you won’t be required to shoot a lot;
  • 2-6 hours per week to complete the exercises;
  • Intentional self-awareness and thoughtfulness;
  • Lots of enthusiasm and desire to experiment.

How is it organized?


When you order your course package in the shop, you get an email with a link to our online learning space and to our private Facebook community, where we’ll be sharing the results of our work and gather for live Q&A sessions. 

Dasha’s course is really good if you want to step out of your photography comfort zone and get tools on how to come up with ideas, and also understand your own process better. One of my favorite tasks in the course was the one where she asks you to understand emotions in photography and then asks you to find examples of photos that portray these different emotions. That made me think more about my own photos and the work I’ve done. Now I look at photos in a different way, which again gets to show how much more depth and understanding you can get for the whole photography process, for your own work, how to analyze it and find inspiration out there.

Veronika aka @kutovakika

Preview of what we’ll be learning


lesson by lesson

This course has been extremely helpful and inspiring for me! I found many answers to my questions and most importantly, where to find inspiration! Now I have so many ideas for future photo shoots and some ready sketches. Thank you so much!

Victoria Rayu, Varna, Bulgaria


Lesson 1: Importance of Storytelling

What is conceptual photography and how it’s different from other types of photography?

Why do we need to tell stories and not just snap shots?

What if I don’t have a story to tell?

Lesson 6: Finding inspiration outside Instagram

How to be constantly inspired

Copying other artists and connecting the dots

Sources of inspiration

Motivation to do your art

Lesson 2: 5 rules for telling great visual stories

Putting your emotions to work

Creating stories that appeal to many

Understanding the structure of your stories

Lesson 7: What your story is really about? Creating concepts.

Learning self-awareness

Understanding your likes and dislikes in the world around you

Finding your personal authentic stories that will resonate with others

Lesson 3: Style of a photoshoot. Elements of an image. The element of surprise that makes an image grab attention.

Recognizing the structure of an image

Role of each element in telling the whole story

Practical ways to surprise your viewers

Lesson 8: Getting Unstuck. Generating actual shooting ideas.

Practical ways of unblocking your genius

Techniques for generating ideas

Storing ideas for later

Lesson 4: Using symbols for creating compelling stories

Types of symbols you can use in your work

Symbolic cliches. Should you use them?

Creating your own symbols

Lesson 9: Thinking and working in series

Why Successful Artists Work in Series

3 Way of Starting a Series

Practical steps of creating a series from scratch

Lesson 5: Building a story from a “starting point”

The exact framework that I use to create surreal fine art images from scratch.

Learning to create a story from anything anywhere

Making elements of an image work together

Lesson 10: Mindset of a Successful Artist

Learn to value your art

Overcome procrastination

Deal with fear of failure and comparison

Time Management for artists (especially for moms)

So many a-ha moments! Loved every second of it, a whole new world of photography and so nice to be in a group! Learned to be using both sides of my brain, feeling and analyzing at the same time!

Sita Skert, Zagreb, Croatia


Friquently Asked Questions

I’m a beginner in photography. Will this course work for me?

Yes. This course will not check your technical skills, it will teach you to tell more meaningful stories with your medium. Having basic technical skills when using the camera will be helpful, as it will allow you to be more flexible when executing the tasks. However, if you’ve just picked up the camera, the course will be even more beneficial, since you’ll be able to focus on what you want to photograph from the very beginning.  This course does not touch upon the technical part of photography. It deals with your ability to express yourself and create images that will make an impact on your viewers.


I’m an established photographer. Is this a good course for me? 

Of course. This course offers an opportunity to dive deep into what’s inside your mind and being able to bring it to light thus making your artwork more authentic. You’ll be surprised how refreshing and inspirational the work in a community proves to be. This course will challenge you to stretch your skills even further and unlearn many of the things that block your creativity.

Will I get feedback on all of my completed tasks?

During the course, I’ll be giving feedback on selected works of some students in our live Q&A sessions. This will allow all the students to learn from each other’s work, successes and mistakes. 

How long will I have access to the course materials?

The videos will be available to you for at least 12 months. I may extend this, but I am committing to hosting the content and classroom platform for at least that amount of time so that you can revisit it as often as you like.

Love how you talk about the power of creativity, how it can multiply and affect you and others. This reminds me why art exists at all. So let's all create instead of breaking down, I want to! 

Lisa Aguren, Zurich, Switzerland


Does my location matter?

Not at all! The previous runs of the course had students from all the time zones (from Santiago, Chillie, too many places in the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, and even Australia!). A new class will be dropped every Monday and you’ll be able to watch it whenever it works with your personal schedule. The live Q&A will be scheduled according to the Helsinki time zone (EEST). 

How much time will I have to devote to the course per week?

Most lessons are really short (less than 10 minutes), but some of them you'll probably have to watch a couple of times, just to really let the new info sink in. I recommend 1-4 hours per week to be able to actually work all the tasks through and get the best out of them. But everyone is different! You may be one of those getting it on the fly! 


What equipment do I need to participate in the course?

This is not a regular technical photography course, so if you don't have a fancy camera or you don't feel quite confident with the one that you have, that's totally fine! The basic requirements are a device with internet access to watch the videos, Facebook account (that's optional if you hate it, but a lot of our live conversations will be happening there), paper and pencil, and time and enthusiasm to devote to the practical assignments.

What if for some reason i discover that the course isn't a fit?

I'm 150% confident that the course is built to fit the needs of anyone, who's on the way to create authentic meaningful visual work. Yet, I totally understand this kind of concern, so if for this or that reason you think that the course is not working for you, you will have 14 days to request a refund. 

What if I lag behind with the tasks due to some personal issues?

The course curriculum is set so that you need to complete the tasks for the previous lessons before jumping into doing anything for the next one. So if you lag behind, don’t worry, you can complete all the tasks in your own pace since you’ll have access to the learning materials for a whole year. Yet, it’s highly recommended to follow the proposed schedule, since this will be the best way to harness the power of the online community available through the course.

The course time doesn’t work for me, when will the next one be offered?

If the offered course schedule April - July doesn’t work for you for any reason, remember that you’ll be 100% able to take classes on your own timeline, when you can devote time to them. You can jump in whenever!

I’m 99% sure that this course is for me, what else should I know?

I’m so happy that you’re up for it! Just a quick guess: you came here because you want to shoot like me? I want you to know that you can definitely shoot like me and better than me. You can and hopefully will tell deeper stories in more authentic ways. There’s not such a thing as a special talent. You can develop your creativity and rise it to amazing new heights. But you need to work for it and work A LOT. In this course, I’ve made sure that besides learning a lot of new information, you have lots and lots of practical tasks. Learning by doing is the most important thing. Here you have the safe and supporting environment to do it.


Please know that no matter what other people might tell you, expressing yourself through visual stories IS important. First of all, it’s important for you. You become a better human being when you understand yourself better and become capable of transferring your emotions into works of art. This is YOUR way of making the world a better place. It won’t be easy, nothing really valuable ever is, but we’re on this journey together and we’ll support you throughout.

Thank you for all of these amazing tools! I feel inspired to really start creating again.

Heidi Labron Sinnett, Ontario, Canada

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