Introduction to Creative Photography


02.03.2019, Helsinki

You've already started your photography career and your friends always ask you to grab a camera for their birthdays and special events? Yet you still feel there is more to photography and want to get the best out of your camera, express your personality and add an edge to the photos? This workshop is for you!


You will definitely benefit from this workshop if you:

  • are already tired of shooting your family and friends and want to try working with models,
  • want to know the behind the scenes world of creating magical photos and try creating them yourself,
  • need simple and practical advice on how to shoot surreal images that will tell your story.

Who is it not for?

If you have a professional photography portfolio, are comfortable with editing your images in Lightroom and Photoshop, especially, if you’ve already tried creating conceptual images on your own, we recommend the Master Creative Photography Workshop.


Please note that we ask you to send in 5 of your best photos, so that we could recommend the right workshop for you.

What will you get from this workshop?

You will:

  • Learn about Dasha’s creative process: from coming up with an idea to getting the final image.
  • Learn how to organize a conceptual photoshoot from scratch
  • Find out how and where to get models, collaborators, clothes, locations, and props for shoots.
  • See Dasha shoot a conceptual scene with detailed explanations of all her actions
  • Work independently with models with professionally done makeup and hair and create your own photo-stories right on the spot;
  • Benefit from a lifelong access to a closed Facebook group, where you can share your work and get comments from Dasha and her other students;
  • Receive a set of home exercises that you can complete on your own to challenge yourself and get better in your photography.

As a result: 

You get a powerful inspiration boost and simple practical tools to create jaw-dropping images that catch viewers’ attention. You’ll understand that I’m not gifted or special. You can be like me or even better, if you want to and put a necessary amount of work into it.

How long does it last?

The workshop takes 5 hours and is divided into 2 parts:


Practical knowledge part - 2 hours: Dasha’s creative process and how you can apply it to your photography, 10 steps of organizing a creative photoshoot, finding models, collaborators, clothes, locations, props, etc.


Learn by doing part - 3 hours: Dasha shoots the scene and tells all about her actions (1 hour), then you and other learning group members create your own photography fairytales with Dasha’s guidance (2 hours).



Arabian Asukastalot Ry


Intiankatu 1, 00560 Helsinki


145€ per person, if you come with a friend, both of you get a 15€ discount. 


Coffee, tea and light snacks during coffee breaks are included!!! 

Registration includes paying 100% of the sum upfront.

The workshop gave me more inspiration to work on some projects on my own that I wanted to do for many months and now I am organizing some sessions where the goal will be creation itself. 


Rita Miklan, Helsinki, Finland



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