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2-day Workshop


LAVA, Biologinkatu 5, 00790 HELSINKI

You’re an established photographer with paying clients, but you know that there’s more to photography than just it’s commercial side? Are you afraid you must be losing your original creative spark that brought you to photography in the first place? Do you want to add a special twist to your personal style but don’t know how? Do you want your images to stand out and make people pause when they are scrolling their news feeds? What about building an audience of cheerleading followers? If you said “yes” to at least two of those questions, this workshop is for you!


For you, who doesn’t want to be just a commodity. You, who wants to take your photography to a new level. You, who understands the importance of being different in today’s world of zillions of images produced every day.

We welcome:

Aspiring and established photographers who are comfortable with their camera, know the basics of Lightroom and Photoshop, and who want to:

  • be different and create images that surprise the viewers
  • enrich their style or try themselves in a new genre,
  • add a magical surreal twist to their imagery
  • tell meaningful stories through their photography

Who is it not for?

Photographers who are not yet very comfortable with shooting manual mode of their camera and editing images in post-processing software. If you feel, it might be you, we recommend you check out the Introduction to Creative Photography Workshop.

What will you get from this workshop?

During the workshop you will:

  • get effective techniques to never lose inspiration;
  • learn practical tips on finding uniqueness and strengthening your style;
  • find out how to easily generate meaningful ideas and tell stories;
  • understand how to effectively use composition, geometry, and colors to make photos surreal;
  • be able to find your creative team members and seamlessly organize your collaborative work;
  • plan, shoot and edit composite images with multiplied or levitating objects;
  • learn ways of adding magic to your photos in Lightroom and Photoshop;
  • see Dasha shoot 2 surreal scenes explaining her every action in detail;
  • ask questions along the way and try shooting those scenes yourself;
  • stretch your skills while completing a creative task;
  • get a set of practical tools for jump-starting your personal brand and building following online.

As a result of this workshop you will:

  • Be inspired to create more meaningful work
  • Get a vision for developing and strengthening your style
  • Have the techniques for creating dreamy and surreal images
  • Know how to build a personal brand and vibrant community of followers on Instagram and Facebook

How long does it last?

This is a 2-day workshop:


DAY 1  (about 8 hours with breaks) has two parts:

  • Practical knowledge part: (4 hours with 2 brakes) when we discuss everything connected with personal artistic style, inspiration, generating ideas, practical tips on making photos more eye-catching.
  • Shooting part (3 hours) Dasha shoots two surreal scenes and tells everything about her process. Then each participant gets a chance to work with the models on his/her own.
  • home assignments


DAY2  (6 hours) is also divided into two parts:

  • Post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop (3 hours with 1 break): Dasha walks you through the editing process of the photos shot during the previous day and shares all her secrets of working in Lightroom and Photoshop. 
  • Finding your tribe and selling your art: We discuss building your personal brand, gaining a following on social media and the commercial side of the fine art and conceptual photography.

Participation requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of your camera setting as well as the basics of Lightroom and Photoshop;
  • A Facebook or an Instagram account: to share your work and get feedback.

What's the price?

350€ per person, if you come with a friend, both of you get 35€ off.

If you already participated in my events, you get a 15% discount.


Coffee, tea and light snacks during coffee breaks are included!!! 

Registration includes paying 100% of the sum upfront.


Our workshop will be held in an amazing place called LAVA. 


LAVA – Esittävän taiteen talo

Biologinkatu 5



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