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Here we believe that photography is much more than gear and technical perfection. It’s a means of making an impact however big or small on the world around you. 


It's a community of artists who strive to create authentic and meaningful work. Artists, who know their WHY and are brave enough to share their stories with the world. Here we believe that you can stand out as an artist only by being fully and unapologetically YOU and speaking your truth. 


If this resonates, but you feel that you’re not quite there yet, welcome! We are together on the journey of discovering ourselves and sharing our findings with others.


Welcome to our community of Wild Visual Storytellers!

You are not alone

Do you ever feel like no one around you would ever get your art if you start to actively make more of it? Like no one will get your weird ideas? That people will turn away from you if you share?


The hard truth that it might happen indeed.  Especially, it’s hard when your closest people don’t get you. I know, I’ve been there waaay too many times. The good news is that you can find your tribe elsewhere! Especially with the magic power of the Socials. And believe me that there’s a tribe of people who will dig your stuff and will support you. How do I know? Because I was able to find them and you are no different!


To support the wild minds like you (and me) I decided to create my very own private community of Visual Storytellers! It’s not for everyone! ☝️And actually, let’s face it, conceptual and fine art photography is not for everyone either. It takes a lot of effort, determination, and patience. It should become your absolute passion if you want to become good at it.

Is more than just a Facebook group. It’s a movement.

PRIVATE COMMUNITY: It’s only for those who “get it”, like you and me. For people like us, who want to create our own worlds and let other people in. For the wild folks, who are ready to make props at night, find weird locations and do things that all their friends call “crazy” just to take an unusual photo.


WE GROW TOGETHER: share ideas, work through difficulties, support each other, mingle during private LIVES, find collaborators locally, stretch creativity and imagination taking weekly creative challenges and have fun of course!


EARLY ACCESS TO UPCOMING ONLINE COURSES AND LIVE EVENTS: moreover, some hot new courses will be offered ONLY here! 


SPECIAL DEALS from me and my partners!

Become an Official Wild Visual Storyteller Today!

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