Typical Workshop Program

I have 2 types of workshops: "Introduction to Creative Photography" and "Master Creative Photography". The details on each of them can be found below.

Introduction to Creative Photography

1 day - 5 hours

Part I: Practical knowledge part (2 hours) 

During this part participants:

  • Learn about Dasha’s creative process: from coming up with an idea to getting the final image;
  • Learn how to organize a conceptual photoshoot from scratch;
  • Find out how and where to get models, collaborators, clothes, locations, and props for shoots.

Part II: Learn by doing part (3 hours)

During this part participants:

  • See Dasha shoot a conceptual scene with detailed explanations of all her actions;
  • Work independently with models with professionally done makeup and hair and create their own photo-stories right on the spot;
  • Receive a set of home exercises that you can complete on your own to challenge yourself and get better in your photography.

Dasha shoots the scene and tells all about her actions (1 hour), learning group members create their own photography fairytales with Dasha’s guidance (2 hours).


As a result of attending this workshop, photographers:

  • get a powerful inspiration boost;
  • acquire the simple practical tools to create jaw-dropping images that catch viewers’ attention
  • understand the specifics of working with a creative team, including models, makeup professionals, stylists, etc.

Master Creative Photography

2 day - 14 hours

DAY 1 - 8 hours

Practical knowledge part: (5 hours with 2 breaks) when we discuss everything connected with personal artistic style, inspiration, generating ideas, practical tips on making photos more eye-catching.


During this part participants:

  • get effective techniques to never lose inspiration;
  • learn practical tips on finding uniqueness and strengthening your style;
  • find out how to easily generate meaningful ideas and tell stories;
  • understand how to effectively use composition, geometry, and colors to make photos surreal;
  • find out how to search for creative team members and seamlessly organize collaborative work;
  • learn to choose the right locations for conceptual shoots (how, where, why);
  • acquire the knowledge for searching for perfect models and engaging them during the shooting process;
  • understand the principles of styling a shoot, picking wardrobe, accessories, props (how, where, why);
  • learn to plan, shoot and edit composite images with multiplied or levitating objects.
  • get a creative task, which they will be able to accomplish during the shooting part of DAY 1.


Shooting part (3 hours), when Dasha shoots two surreal scenes and tells everything about her process. Then each participant gets a chance to work with the models on his/her own.


During this part participants:

  • see Dasha shoot 2 surreal scenes while explaining her every action in detail;
  • ask questions along the way and try shooting those scenes themselves;
  • stretch their skills by completing a creative task, when shooting with models;
  • get a home assignment for the next day of the workshop.

DAY 2 - 6 hours

Part I: Post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop (3 hours with 1 break): Dasha walks the participants through the editing process of the photos shot during the previous day and shares all her secrets of working in Lightroom and Photoshop.



  • see Dasha's process of editing raw images from the previous day into a finished work; 
  • understand Dasha's way of using Lightroom - working with contrast, curves, colors, eliminating lens imperfections;
  • find out how to do a final editing in Photoshop - retouching skin, emphasizing shadows and highlights, removing and adding items, changing the geometry of an image, creating a composite shot, some useful plug-ins;
  • learn how some of Dasha's previous photos were made, including “before/after” images and details of post-processing.


Checking the home assignments of the participants


Part II: Finding your tribe and selling your art: We discuss building a personal brand, gaining a following on social media and the commercial side of the fine art and conceptual photography.


As a result of this workshop the attendees:

  • are inspired to create more meaningful work;
  • get a vision for developing and strengthening their style;
  • have the techniques for creating dreamy and surreal images;
  • know how to build a personal brand and vibrant community of followers on Instagram and Facebook.


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