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The Art of Visual Storytelling Course Reviews

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Definitely, this course made me question so many things, made me change the way I create and think about my images. What you gave us here is gold! I have enjoyed The Art of Visual Storytelling sooo much!!!

Ronny Garcia, Santiago, Chilie

I learned so much! When I understand what I want to convey in a certain image, it becomes easier for my viewer to understand. And I notice that as I prepare for shooting in a series, I go deeper into the subject, so the viewer will be more involved too.

Lisa Agurén, Zurich, Switzerland

It made me think more about the work I’ve done. Now I look at photos in a different way, which again gets to show how much more depth and understanding you can get for the whole photography process, for your own work, how to analyze it and find inspiration out there.

Veronika, aka @kutovakika, London, UK

Loved this. It was awesome learning not to be afraid to share your ideas because no one can create quite like you.

Olivia Kelley, Emmett, ID, USA


I'm very inspired. I have 3 series ideas now and I'm trying to get everything in order before I start shooting. Thank you so much!


Anne Calamuci, Washington, USA

Thank you for all of these amazing tools! I feel inspired to really start creating again.

Heidi Sinnett, Ontario, Canada

Each lesson made me consider things from a different angle. I really like the rules of great visual storytelling, because they help me to look much broader. Looking at my work I can say I use a lot of them, but rarely all together to create a truly compelling story. Thank you very much for teaching us how to think about developing the concept so that it has the right structure and message behind it.

Lena Błachowic, Łódź, Poland

This course has been extremely helpful and inspiring for me! I found many answers to my questions and most importantly, where to find inspiration! Now I have so many ideas for future photoshoots and some ready sketches. Thank you so much!

Victoria Rayu, Varna, Bulgaria

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