Psychologists argue that a human being’s character and personality are largely the result of things that happened to him/her in the course of life. Some life situations leave a deep emotional impact on us, which stays with us for years and often goes into subconscious. We take on an emotion, usually a negative one (fear, regret, anger) and carry it it with us further, not even realizing that we have it. Yet, it does affect our behavior, perceptions, thoughts, views of the world and even health. It’s never just one experience that influences us. It’s always the combination, the layers, which with time turn into so-called “emotional baggage” burdening us. At some point this baggage can make us feel stuck completely, when we feel depressed, enormously stressed or deeply unhappy and not being able to understand why we think the way we think and why we do the way we do.


Psychologists say that if you have a memory that’s more than 18 moths old and that causes an extreme emotional reaction in your mind, it means that this past event is holding you back from living your life fully. Often, getting back to those painful past events, digging them from your memory and experiencing them once again in your mind, accepting them and transforming your initial emotional reaction to them is the only way to go on living. This project reflects the process of accumulating emotional baggage and getting rid of it in the end, becoming better and wiser. Cause there’s more to life than past. Yet, a butterfly first has to be a caterpillar.