Episode 1 -Instagram is a Giant School with Ted Chin(@eye.c)

This episode includes my interview with Ted Chin, known as @eye.c on Instagram. Ted is an amazing digital artist from San Francisco, California. He creates mesmerizing composites that seem to stem from another world where everything is possible: whales flying over a city, giant wolves, ballerinas dancing on treetops - anything that you can or can’t imagine. With an Instagram following of over 120k people, Ted has partnered with brands like Puma, Honda, Apple, Facebook, Adobe and many others. We talked about Ted’s artistic path, how he started and how got to where he is now, how he works with clients and how to market yourself as an artist. Have a listen, there’s precious insight info you won’t easily hear anywhere else!

Show Notes

Things we talked about:

  • Ted’s career start and his struggles in the beginning
  • How to work with clients on big projects
  • Ted’s creative process: how all his majestic images are created
  • Marketing yourself as an artist
  • Inspirations and copying other people’s work