Art Will Always Be Inside You No Matter What with Joel Robison

In today’s episode, I’m talking to a photographer who has been a huge inspiration to lots of us for many years. A photographer who is famous for his whimsical, conceptual fine art photography. He has gained massive popularity sharing his personal and branded work, including that for Coca-Cola and Football World Cup Tour. He was one the first to develop the use of miniature worlds in conceptual photography. He instructed over 400 students in 8 countries during his creative photography workshops. But most importantly, he is the person who never stops believing in the endless creativity of every human being. And this is what he is sharing in everything that he puts out there. Please welcome Joel Robison!


Show Notes


What we talked about:


  • Joel’s style and things that inspire him
  • Working with clients as a fine art photographer
  • Pros & cons of shooting self-portraits
  • Is copying others bad and what should you do if your work has been copied?
  • What to do when you hit the creative block



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