Kids high fashion fairytale in a home studio with @Pepper.Pics

Many Insta moms dream of turning their kids into celebrities and growing their little family hobby into a business. However, not so many realize how much work it actually takes. Today I’m talking to Bonnie Vangeel - a multitalented pro, who is blending the skills of a photographer, a stylist, a set designer, and a retoucher to turn the life of her 9-year-old daughter into a continuous fashion fairy tale. When you look at her images, you’d never guess that they were made by just one person, not a whole team! No wonder why Bonnie and little Pepper started attracting the attention of high fashion kids’ brands early on and today successfully collaborate with many of them. I’m Dasha Pears, and you’re listening to my Inspiration in action podcast. I hope you enjoy and learn from this episode with an amazing mom, who is known as on Instagram

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • Story of an Instamom turning fashion photographer
  • Photographing your child - pros and cons
  • Organising fullfledged fashion production on your own
  • Working with brands, should you keep your own style or go with their philosophy



Pepper’s Instagram

Sugar kids, child model agency in Spain

Le Coyotes De Paris, brand Bonnie would love to work with

Mini Maven, fashion magazine for kids