Turn your art into business with Laura Sheridan

In this episode, I’m talking to Laura Sheridan from Studio Sheridan Art. She is a commercial fine art photographer from Belgium, who managed to turn her passion for fantasy photography into a successful business, which is growing. In our talk, she shares ideas that helped her get there and that allow her to stay humble and continue developing today. No matter what area of art you’re into these precious nuggets of wisdom will definitely allow becoming a better human being and will point you to success. Please enjoy!

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • Importance of failing multiple times
  • Why teaching can be enlightening
  • Dealing with good and bad criticism
  • How to do collaborations right
  • Pricing your work and turning your passion into a business that pays your bills




Lauren’s Instagram

Lauren’s website

Jake Hicks, photographer

Lara Jade, Lauren’s inspiration

Kirsty Mitchell, Lauren’s inspiration

Tim Walker, photographer

Eline Deblauwe, Lauren’s MUAH