Discover Unique Concepts Within Yourself with Dina Goldstein

In this episode, I talk to Dina Goldstein, a war zone photojournalist who turned to a very peculiar and strikingly powerful satire fine art photography. Dina is known worldwide for her large-scale projects, with lots of actors and complicated sets. But what’s more important those projects portray the world in a surreal, yet embarrassingly truthful way. In her works, Dina touches upon the role of women in contemporary society, modern values, political icons, and ideals of life. If sharing an artwork takes courage, then sharing artwork with a sharp opinion takes 10 times more, if you ask me. In our conversation, we discuss what it takes to state your point of view as an artist and actively share it, as well as how you can shoot large scale projects on tiny budgets if you want to see your ideas happening in real life. Please welcome, Dina Goldstein.

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • how motherhood affected her conceptual imagery
  • how speaking your truth makes your work stand out
  • how to be brave to state your values in your work
  • dealing with the fact that your work will be accepted as controversial
  • a perfect formula for creating an image that both catches attention and sends a message
  • practical steps for starting a big ambitious project
  • building a community of supportive and passionate creatives from different fields around you
  • keeping motivation throughout working on a long-term project
  • why collaborations are important



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