Episode 5-"If you want to stand out, don't look at others" with Rob Woodcox @robwoodcoxphoto

This episode includes my interview with Rob Woodcox, American conceptual photographer who is widely known all over the internet for his series of images of giant structures made of human bodies. Besides creating and financing his amazing artworks, Rob also works for clients like Universal, teaches conceptual photography worldwide and has held over 75 workshops all over the world. In addition, Rob is passionate about helping those in need and organized photography-related projects to raise money for foster kids. There’s a lot to learn from him and this interview proves it. We discuss how his curiosity for shooting dancers turned into an impactful art project, Rob’s unique method of finding inspiration in music and how overcoming personal barriers helps you become a better artist.

Show Notes

What we talked about:


  • How meer curiosity allowed Rob to start an impactful art project
  • How you can stand out as an artist
  • Rob’s cool method of analyzing music lyrics to get ideas for his images
  • Overcoming personal barriers and how they can help you grow
  • When to expect to create impactful art that actually affects people




Rob’s Instagram

Rob’s website

Mati Gelman

Nicole Rae, helps Rob directing dancers

Geovanni Aburto, helps Rob directing dancers

Vinny Balbo, helps Rob directing dancers

Rob’s photo Tree of life

Tim Walker, inspiration for Rob

Richard Avedon, photographer

Annie Leibovitz

Gregory Crewdson, photographer

Ansel Adams, photographer

Thought Catalog, publisher of Rob’s book

Rob’s photo about gay situation