Turning Dreams into Stories with Karen Cantuq

In this episode, I’m talking to Karen Cantuq, incredibly inspiration digital artist from Mexico. Karen now has an Instagram community of over 90k people, has partnered with brands like Starbucks and CocaCola, but what’s more important is that she has figured out how not to be a starving artist and pay for travelling all over the world. But this is not how it started though. Karen’s story started with deep personal trauma and depression, which art helped her to overcome. Maybe you can relate to this. But please hear her amazingly inspirational story from herself and I hope you enjoy the interview!

Show notes

What we talked about:


  • How making art can help you heal
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of being weird
  • Finding a balance between work, personal art, and Instagram
  • The importance of doing your own thing




Karen’s Instagram

Karen’s Society6

Karen’s website

Eduardo Galeano, author of a quote "Scientists say that we are made of atoms, but a little bird told me that we are made of stories."

Karen’s IGTV with her “We Are Made Of Stories” videos

Unsplash, stock images page from where Karen gets pictures

Pixabay, stock images page from where Karen gets pictures

Pixels, website with stock images

Ronny Garcia, photographer from Chile

The Lego Frida by Karen

Ted Chin, inspires Karen

Luisa Azevedo, inspires Karen

Alexandria, inspires Karen

Vansessa, inspires Karen