There's No Art without a Message with Kristina Varaksina

In this episode, I’m talking to Kristina Varaksina, a professional fashion and fine art photographer from Russia, currently based in NYC. Her work is an outstanding blend of surrealism, poetry, pastel colour palettes and fashion aesthetics. Very few people can boast having such a combination in their works! Her work was recognized by numerous photography magazines and awards, including Aesthetica magazine, Vogue Italy, Int’l Photography awards, PX3, and others. She currently teaches photography at NY film academy and shoots for clients like Harpers Bazar and L’Oficiel.


In our conversation, we discuss the very intriguing topic of formal education in photography. what does it bring to you? Do you need it at all? Kristina also shares how her creative process is organized from the initial idea to the final result. She also tells us about her experience of working with big brand names. Priceless information for any aspiring and even established photographer. Enjoy!


Show Notes

Things we talked about:


  • Higher education in photography - is it important and what it can give you;
  • Kristina’s creative process, importance of mood boards and detailed photo shoot planning;
  • How to get your work published in a magazine
  • Areas of responsibility of a commercial photographer in a shoot and his/her role in a team
  • Why even if you’re a successful commercial photographer you need to always spare time for personal artwork.
  • How to combine shooting videos and short films at the same time and location




Kristina’s Instagram

Kristina’s website

The Art Institute of California, the school where Kristina was teaching

New York Film Academy, school where Kristina is currently teaching

Magic Realism series

Website, where Kristina is searching for trends

Short film Kristina art directed