Me & Myself

We all experience inner dialogue, talking to ourselves about things that we are going through in life. This project explores interactions of two different sides of the same person, it explores idea of duality of a human mind and self-discovery. Those two sides can be in conflict or in harmony with each other, it’s different in different moments of our lives.


For example, often when we grow up and turn into adults we have one very certain image of ourselves, image that was formed by our parents, friends and society as well: we are certain what social roles we perform and we know that there are certain rules and standards that we need to comply with. But sometimes, often due to some crisis or stress, we discover that we’re not happy where we are. So a person realises that there’s a difference between what he/she really is and what he/or she appears to be in the eyes of the others. At some point there comes a moment of self-discovery. A person first realises that he/she doesn’t like the way things are in his life now, and then finds out his/hers other side. What he/she really likes and what makes him or her happy. And not only the person realises that, but also has to accept it and make peace with this other side. This can often be a not easy to do, since the society might think otherwise. Works included in the project try show this particular moment in a metaphorical way.