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What is a Personal Live Portfolio Review?

A personal online lesson and portfolio review is a live Skype call, lasting from 1,5 to 2 hours, when we make a deep dive into your work, discuss its strengths and things that might be improved. I help you define the core elements of your style so that your future body of work can be built around those. You'll be also able to ask me anything about my photography and creative process.

What's included?

  • full-fledged portfolio review and discussion of every of your 15-20 images, depicting their strengths and things that need to be improved;
  • 1-page of a written review of your work that you can review later and go back to any time;
  • outline of the core features of your developing personal style that you should develop and build your future body of work on;
  • Questions & Answers session, during which you can ask Dasha anything about her creative process and her works.

How to get ready?

  • huge inspiration boost to create more
  • understanding of where to go next with your art
  • clarity on the development of your personal style
  • insights into how Dasha's mind works and how you can use it for your creativity

What you get as a result


I ask you to send me your work 15-25 photos) so that I could have a look at them beforehand and prepare written comments (about one page), that you can have after the actual review call. Then we arrange a time for a call that’s convenient for both of us. 


The lesson becomes more effective if you have a list of things that you want to learn from me, so it helps if you send your questions beforehand. 

The online lesson with Dasha was absolutely amazing!  Sshe was really generous sharing her experience and journey as a photographer, went through the full preparation of a photo shoot and provided valuable tips and insights I had not think changed the way I think about and plan my photo sessions, so now I have a much clearer idea of what I want to achieve (and how to get there!).

She explained all her process from inspiration to the actual shooting and helped me to see in which parts I was lacking preparation and how to put more thought into them. Also, she was so kind and warm it felt like talking with a friend! It was a wonderful and very helpful experience!!


Teresa Risco, Madrid, Spain 



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