Master Creative Photography Online

The complete 24-Learning-Hours Guide to creative photography for those who want to create magic with their photos! 

12 private one-on-one lessons. 12 sets of practical exercises. Lots of actionable shooting ideas.

Your very own series project, ready to be shot upon graduation and shared with the world.

You’re an established photographer with paying clients, but you know that there’s more to photography than just it’s commercial side? Are you afraid you must be losing the original creative spark that brought you to photography in the first place? Do you want to add a special twist to your personal style but don’t know how? Or maybe you know that having your unique personal style is vital for being seen as a successful photographer today, yet, you’re still not quite sure what YOUR style is? Do you want your images to stand out and make people pause when they are scrolling their news feeds? What about building an audience of cheerleading followers? If you said “yes” to at least two of those questions, this course is for you!


For you, who doesn’t want to be just a commodity. You, who wants to take your photography to a new level. You, who understands the importance of being different in today’s world of zillions of images produced every day.


The course holds all of my knowledge and experience collected during the past 8 years of being a full-time surreal fine art photographer and social media influencer. The materials are not stagnant and are being constantly updated since I learn new things every day and want you to have the freshest, most effective tools and techniques for finding your place in creative fine art photography or becoming a one-of-a-kind creator in your own field.


The course IS PACKED with practical exercises. You will learn a lot, most of it by doing, not just digesting theory.


I don’t want you to shoot like me.

I will help you to find your own unique self that you’ve been looking for.

What is it about?

The course is an intensive 12-week guide into your creative photography journey and will educate you on

  • Telling great visual stories with your photos
  • Simple tools for eliminating creative blocks
  • Planning your conceptual photoshoots step by step
  • Using composition, colors, props, and models to create a surreal atmosphere in a shot
  • Finding collaborations and creative peers
  • Compositing your images and planning a composite shoot
  • Post-processing techniques to make your images magical
  • Understanding what your unique style is and how to create work that will be authentic
  • Building a personal brand as a photographer
  • Sharing your work on socials the most efficient way.
  • How to never be dependent on likes and follows
  • Why you should work in a series and not individual images

What’s included:

  1. Lectures and LOTS of practical home assignments on finding ideas, composition, finding collaborations for your projects, finding models, etc.: this is crucial for completing your course graduation work and actually gaining the knowledge;
  2. PDFs with lecture materials, slides, and tasks;
  3. Portfolio review with a goal of defining the traits of your personal style;
  4. One-on-one discussions of your course project;
  5. Samples of collaboration and model requests + my personal database of potential models and collaborators;
  6. A course series project, with at least one work of the series completed during the course under Dasha’s guidance and supervision;
  7. Money-back guarantee, if you feel that your goals were not achieved.

As a result of the course you will

  • Understand how to tell meaningful visual stories;
  • Train your mind to easily come up with concepts;
  • Never be afraid of creative blocks again;
  • Learn to find collaborators anytime anywhere;
  • Have a roadmap of ideas for your future conceptual works;
  • Generate a topic for are a series project and shoot the first image of this series.

How is it organized?

This course is currently offered on an on-demand basis in the form of one-on-one live Skype lessons that fit both of our schedules. We can start whenever! We meet in Skype once a week for 12 weeks. Each meeting is around 2-2.5 hours and includes a lecture on a topic from the course material and review of your work on the previous lessons task.


To enroll, send me a message using the form below and we’ll discuss the possible starting dates, interruptions and so on.

Preview of what we'll be learning


week by week

The course is divided into 6 major learning modules. Each module is 4 learning hours or two 2-hour Skype meetings.

Part I - Creating a Story. Finding Inspiration and Ideas. Creating Concepts.

  1. Storytelling with photos.
  2. Elements of an image. Starting points of a shot.
  3. Using symbols for storytelling.
  4. Building images from a single and several initial elements.
  5. Finding inspiration and ideas.
  6. Generating ideas. Creating concepts.
  7. From individual images to a series.

Your result after completing this module: understanding of ways of telling a story with a photo. Collection of inspirations and theme for the future final project work. Generating ideas for the actual shoots. Coming up with an idea for a series of works. Sketching of your future works out.

Part IV Work on Location

  1. Working the location
  2. Natural light
  3. Gear
  4. Working with the model on location. Posing
  5. Process of the shoot and duration

Your result after completing this module: organizing a photoshoot of the image that you sketched out before, working in a team of collaborators.

Part II - Planning a conceptual shoot step by step

  1. 10 steps of getting ready to a conceptual shoot
  2. Composition rules and techniques. Colors in composition.
  3. Location (things to know when you choose one)
  4. Models (where to find models, how to choose)
  5. Clothes, makeup and hair
  6. Props

Your result after completing this module: Finding the perfect combination of the image elements: colors, wardrobe, makeup, models, location, and props for your future photoshoot. Planning an actual photoshoot of a composite image (e.g. with levitating objects).

Part V Post-Processing

  1. Storing your images
  2. Lightroom (colors, tones, shadows & highlights, curves, presets)
  3. Photoshop (removing and adding stuff, face retouch, liquify, shadows and highlights, changing colors, adding textures, filters)
  4. Photoshop addons
  5. Exporting files

Your result after completing this module: post-processing your images using the newly acquired knowledge. Practicing with the images that you shot before.

Part III - Working in a team and collaborations VS working alone

  1. How, why and when to work with others
  2. Getting first collaborations. Creating Moodboards.
  3. Types of collaboration (with a stylist, MUAH professional, decorator)

Your result after completing this module:  Creating a mood board for the shoot. Finding at least one collaborator in your area that you can work with.

Part VI Finding your style. Building a personal brand. Selling your art.

  1. Understanding your style. Finding your unique voice.
  2. Creating a portfolio
  3. Why you need a personal brand
  4. Where and how to sell your art
  5. Promoting your art online and why it’s important.

Your result after completing this module: portfolio draft, a draft of an artist statement, description of your personal brand and its values.


The course price is €890 including VAT


Payment options are available. You can pay in 2, 3 or 4 payments.

If you need an invoice for your company, I’d be happy to provide it.

How to Enroll

If you have any questions or if you’re ready to commit to a journey that will transform the way you approach photography, shoot me a message now, using the form below.