In this project, I tried to reimagine the old works of mine that I shot 4-5 years ago. "New Look" stands for a new way of approaching portraiture, new way of playing with form of a human face, refreshing the old memories and making new ones out of them. 


Working on each one of these somewhat naive and childish portraits makes me take a new look at my art practice as a whole, brushing away some of its heaviness and gloom, and bringing in the secret and almost forbidden feeling of magic being present in real life. 

The works are inspired by my collaboration with a London-based artist Davorka Andjelic, known as @tilly2milly in Instagram. Her wide-eyes paper dolls struck me with their depth and I wanted to use them in one of my artworks. This initial inspiration thread later connected with my long-lasting love to book illustrations and works of artists like Nicoletta Ceccoli and Ray Caesar. 


to be continued...

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