Your art is unique and it can stand out

I mean it. There’s no way you can steal, copy or create something similar to what other people make if you connect your inspirations with YOUR personality, interests, pains, and joys of your past, and your core values. You can't be a copycat when you're honest and it's visible in your art.


Real art should make you feel and often technical perfection just doesn't do the trick. It's time to discover the honest artist in you!

When you know why you create, your creativity flows! You never want to stop creating!

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A transformational online photography course, that will change the way you take portraits. If you’re ready to level up, this is the place for you!


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A short 5-lesson practical, straight-to-the-point online course to help you get clarity about your direction in art


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Simple and clear step-by-step plan + a worksheet on how you can get ready for a conceptual photoshoot and turn the crazy idea in your head into an actual photo. Comes as a .pdf e-book + planner pack.


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A collection of video tutorials on how I use the very basic Lightroom and Photoshop tools to create magic in my images. 


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Private tailored one-on-one online sessions dedicated to your personal artistic growth and mind struggles. Topics may vary from understanding your direction in photography to ways of marketing your art business. Make it yours! 


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A Beginner's Guide to Photographing Magic

A practical guide with 7 things you can start doing today, to make your photos look magical and dreamy. 

Inspiration in Action

Real conversations with top fine art photographers, artists and more! Available on iTunes and everywhere else!

Wild Visual Storytellers

Private Facebook Community to learn, meet like-minded people and support each other.

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