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Everything I know about photography and shooting conceptual images I’ve learned myself, by my personal trial and error. And now, I’d love to share that knowledge with you!


What is an online lesson?


An online lesson is a live Skype call, lasting from 1,5 to 2 hours depending on the range of topics that we’re planning to discuss. 5 most popular topics are suggested below. You can either get one or buy a house of five as a package. All topics can be easily adjusted to your needs and interests.


How to get ready?


The lesson becomes more effective if you have a list of things that you want to learn from me, so it helps if you send your questions beforehand. After you’ve ordered the lesson or course, I contact you to set the date and time that works for both of us and we start learning!


4 most popular topics

Inspiration. Adding Magic. Creating Composites:


  • Inspiration exercises make your creative mind work;
  • Sources where you can find ideas;
  • Hands-on techniques of adding surrealism to your photos (levitation, mimicry, miniature world, etc.);
  • How to create composite shots - actual steps how you can make an object fly, or multiply objects in the same shot.
  • Home assignment (in case you’re taking a course).

Organising a magic photoshoot step by step:


  • 10 steps of getting ready for a shoot;
  • How to: bring your initial idea to life, choose the right model, style, colors, location, props, gear;
  • Effective collaboration with other creatives -muah, stylists, decorators, etc;
  • 5 crucial things to remember before the shoot;
  • Teamwork on location: plan A and plan B
  • Home assignment (in case you’re taking a course).

Use Colors and Geometry to Make Stronger Images:


  • Most interesting composition techniques that will bring surreal feel to your photography;
  • Color theory, color harmony, choosing a mood of your image;
  • Dealing with color clutter;

Post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop:

  • Color and geometry processing in Lightroom;
  • Refining an image in Lightroom (noise and chromatic aberration reduction);
  • Lightroom filters and presets;
  • Working with highlights and shadows, contrast, colors in Photoshop
  • using plug-ins, adding a film-like look, bokeh, etc.
  • face retouching techniques;
  • Home assignment (in case you’re taking a course).

The online lesson with Dasha was absolutely amazing!  she was really generous sharing her experience and journey as a photographer, went through the full preparation of a photo shoot and provided valuable tips and insights I had not think changed the way I think about and plan my photo sessions, so now I have a much clearer idea of what I want to achieve (and how to get there!).

She explained all her process from inspiration to the actual shooting and helped me to see in which parts I was lacking preparation and how to put more thought into them. Also, she was so kind and warm it felt like talking with a friend! It was a wonderful and very helpful experience!!

Teresa Risco, Madrid, Spain 

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