1-on-1 Personal Mentoring Session

Your very personal photography adventure, during which you will:

  • find out about my professional techniques,
  • dive into my creative process,
  • learn how to apply the knowledge you just got from me by completing a creative task
  • create your own surreal portrait with my guidance
  • learn to transform your raw images into dreamy works of art with Lightroom and Photoshop


What does it look like?


The personal mentoring session can be organized in one or two days depending on your schedule and needs. You choose the date yourself depending on my availability.


The first day takes about 7 hours (including a lunch break), the second day about 4 hours.

The first day includes a location shoot with one model with professionally done makeup and hair.




1. We discuss how to:  

  • be always inspired: search for ideas and inspiration. Inspiration exercises;
  • create jaw-dropping images by using colors: dive into color theory;
  • make images stronger with composition and geometry;
  • organize a surreal shoot from scratch: turning a crazy idea into a finished work of art;
  • find collaborators and work with support professionals (makeup artists, decorators, stylists, hair professionals, etc.

2. Dive-in to my creative process: I will demonstrate how I shoot an image and work with a model, explaining every action I perform.


3. You get a creative task from me while completing which you get a chance to utilize the theoretical knowledge you just got. You work with the model yourself and I help you create your own photo-fairytale. As a result, you have an amazing surreal photo for your portfolio.




  • See my post-processing for the image I shot on the previous day, explaining all the steps in Lightroom and Photoshop;
  • Learn about my Lightroom techniques: colors, geometry, shadows and highlights, curves, filters, presets and plug-ins that I use;
  • Get to know my Photoshop tricks: creating composites, using filters, face retouching techniques, working with layers and layer masks, emphasizing shadows and highlights, etc.
  • Portfolio review of your previous work.


For whom?


Professional and amateur photographers, who are less comfortable to work in a group and want to get more expert information from me. Also, those who want me to train them in some particular field (for example object photography).


How much?


A personal mentoring session is €590 for two days.


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