Portfolio Review

If you're tired of meaningless likes and hearts on social media and are interested in getting some objective comments about your photography, you're in the right place. I'd love to see your works and have a real conversation about them.


For whom?


Beginner photographers who have some body of work, but are unsure which direction in photography they should take and who are searching for constructive criticism of their photographs.


What is it?


An online portfolio review is a live Skype call during which we discuss your works in depth. I point out its strengths as well as the things that could be improved. I also give you advice on which works can be grouped into series. Together we develop a vision of where you can move forward with your photography.


How does it happen?


I ask you to send me your work (10-15 photos) so that I could have a look at them beforehand and prepare written comments, that you can have after the actual review call.

Then we arrange a time for a call that’s convenient for both of us. The call lasts for about an hour.


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