Fine Art and Fashion Commission Shoot Prices

Fine Art Portrait Session

starting at €1100


  • Introducing you to 3 creative ideas that you can choose from based on what you feel will tell more about you and your unique personality; 
  • Styling (creating a moodboard, reflecting the idea with visual references for makeup, wardrobe, props and locations);
  • Help with finding makeup and hair professionals, wardrobe, location and props;
  • Shooting time (up to 3 hours);
  • Up to 7 completely retouched fine art ready to print final images (2 of them surreal composites, 3-5 portraits) with unlimited printing rights in two sizes (printable and web-friendly).

Photos are ready within 3 weeks

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Fine Art-Style Fashion Photoshoot

starting at €1000 per a shooting day + VAT


  • help with selecting locations and location scouting (if possible);
  • help with model search;
  • casting of models with the client;
  • help with finding a support team (muah, decorators, etc.);
  • upto 8 hours of presence on location;
  • selection and full-color processing of the best images from the shooting day
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