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My Private Coaching is an exclusive 4-WEEK commitment which includes:

Weekly one-on-one conversation about your art

Each session is a 1.5 hours skype/zoom meeting. During our meetings, we will work on your goals in art and ways for you to move it forward. We will discuss the possible roadblocks in your artistic development and find the tools to eliminate them. We will go through your past works together and see the strongest points as well as discover what parts of your technique and concept creation could be improved. The sessions can be recorded, so that you can rewatch or relisten to the advice I’m giving you even when the coaching month is over.

Weekly tailored homework assignments

Results mean work. As well as dedication. Every week you’ll get a set of assignments, which will address the areas where your creative muscle needs to feel the burn to become stronger. 

24/7 email/Facebook messenger access during your month of coaching

If questions pop up and they most probably will, I’ll be right here to help and send advice. It’s my goal for you to get real results from this experience, so the stupidest question is the one that you never ask!

Access to my Art Of Visual Storytelling Online Course + Other Learning Resources

I’ve collected all my storytelling theory and experience in these 10 learning modules and I believe that it’s the best place to start your creative journey. My favorite part about it is that you can also go back to the materials anytime and see all the ideas I share there with the new eyes.

I will also include my Plan for Magic e-book because it gives you all the structure of preparing for your future conceptual shoots. 



Before the actual conversation, I send you a list of questions for self-assessment and ask you to send me a selection of your best images (as a link) or images you’d like to discuss, as well as links to your public portfolios (social media, website, etc.)

What to happens when you order

When you complete the checkout and get an automatic order confirmation notification, within the next 24 hours do expect another email from me with the details of how to schedule our coaching meetings.

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