Personal Artistic Style Bootcamp

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A practical, straight-to-the-point online course to help you get clarity about your direction in art.

As a result of completing the course, you will

Define what YOUR uniqueness is about:
  • Get clear about what your artistic tastes and preferences are
  • Understand how to blend your personality, background, and experiences with things that inspire you in other people's photos
  • Learn to get the most of your inspirations without bluntly copying the work of others
  • Connect to your true purpose as an artist and discover what you want to communicate through your photography

Develop consistency in style:
  • Create your plan of action for standing out from the constantly growing competition
  • Focus on what's important for you without following the popular trends blindly
  • Learn to experiment to strengthen your style 

Get rid of mental blocks:
  • Let go of style cliches 
  • Overcome psychological obstacles that stop you from being your authentic self in photography
  • Gain confidence in your way of taking photos
  • Break the rules in a smart way
What’s included 
  • 5 lessons on discovering your personal style
  • Practical exercises that allow you to understand what YOUR personal style will look like
  • PDFs with assignments that you can use and come back to in time, when your personal style will be more distinguished;
  • Life-long access to all the course materials
  • Membership in a closed and vibrant community of like-minded people who are on the same journey of discovering their artistic style, where you can share your future works, exchange experiences and get practical tips from Dasha and other community members;
  • Discounts from Dasha’s partners
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