The Art Of Visual Storytelling

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A 10-module transformational online photography course, that will give you clarity and direction to find your artistic voice.
As a result of completing the course, you will
Be able to create meaningful visual stories that stand out from the crowd:
  • Know how to apply a structure of a good story to your work to make it stronger;
  • Find the stories within you and know how to tell them in a way that catches people’s attention;
  • Effectively communicate emotions with means of light, color, and other image elements.

Define what YOUR unique stories should be about:
  • Discover what you want to communicate through your photography (and believe me you have a message that you want to send out there, even if you’re not sure what it is yet);
  • Blend your personality, background, and experiences with your visual inspirations;
  • Connect to your true purpose as an artist.
Let go of mental creative blocks:
  • Get the most of your inspirations without bluntly copying the work of others;
  • Train your mind to instantly come up with authentic ideas;
  • Never be afraid of being creatively stuck again.
Map out a series of works that speak your truth:
  • Generate a topic for a future series of works;
  • Think through, sketch, and create a set of rules for your series;
  • Create your plan of action for shooting your brand new art project.
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