Who are you?

The project is inspired by the idea of dæmons, introduced in Philipp Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials. Dæmons are the external physical manifestation of a person's 'inner-self' that takes the form of an animal. In Pulmann’s book, during adolescence a person's dæmon undergoes "settling", an event in which that person's dæmon permanently and involuntarily assumes the form of the animal which the person most resembles in character. In plain words, a dæmon is a part of you, your soul, which follows you everywhere in a physical form of an animal and other people can see it and immediately recognize what kind of a person you really are and what personality traits you have.

The project is a collaboration with two illustrators, who draw “imaginary” dæmons for my “real life” characters. The works included in the project attempt to show the half real, half-imaginary world, where the main character, though split in two is always interacting with it’s “inner-self”, establishing the connection and attempting to be in harmony with it as if they were one.

This in this category you can choose the works from the «Who are you?» project.

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