Feedback about Creative Photography Workhops

The workshop gave me more inspiration to work on some projects on my own that I wanted to do for many months

and now I am organizing some sessions where the goal will be creation itself. 


Rita Miklán, Helsinki, Finland

This was a fantastic workshop! The settings, the models, the make-up and the costumes were all truly inspiring. I had never really done much in the way of portrait photography before, but this really motivated me to get more involved in it. The presentation the day before was a valuable insight into the work of a really creative photographer, and the reviews after were equally useful. I would warmly recommend this to anybody if it were held again. If you think you can't do portrait photography - you can, and this is the perfect kick-start!” 


Nick Meinke, Helsinki, Finland

"Мастер класс ну очень понравился! Некоторые пазлики в голове на место встали!

Очень интересные приёмы подготовки, планирования и поиска идей! Зарядила драйвом на сто процентов!" 

Анастасия Волкова, Таллин

"Самое суперское - это то, что за чем я шла на МК, то я и получила. ЗОЛОТОЙ ВОЛШЕБНЫЙ ПИНОК.

Голова пухнет от идей, СПАСИБО!) Всем спасибо за столь дружелюбную команду!


Наталия Мезинова, Таллин

"The lesson was great, and after learning all that about Lightroom I feel like being on a new level of retouching"



Ani Koivisto, Helsinki, Finland

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