Dasha’s works show the reality of what’s going on in people’s psyche, their very real but invisible inner world. Hence she calls her style “psychorealism”. Dasha makes the unseen tangible. She aestheticizes emotional states and hopes that some difficult emotions become a bit easier to accept and live with for anyone who interacts with her art in any way, be it on a wall or a device screen.


Dasha’s psychorealistic pieces also open windows into spiritual homes for viewers. Her artworks are meant to be spaces, where they can feel safe, relaxed, and in control. Those windows and doors are indispensable especially when one is going through life challenges, whatever they may be.


artlovers say

" I really enjoyed all of your photos! "Weathermaker" was my favorite. The photo looks amazing. It got great spontaneous reviews from some customers milling about a frame shop I took it to. I’ve had it professionally framed and I’ll be hanging it in my newly renovated apartment on Hutchinson Island near the town of Stuart, Florida. I look out over the ocean and see all of the various weather patterns roll in and out. Now everyone who visits will know who’s really creating the clouds! :) 

Jeffrey Haas · United States

" Dasha, thank you for producing brilliant works that I want to collectLooking forward to hanging it!

Joel Barnett · United Kingdom

" What a STUNNING print! Dasha was great about communicating with me regarding shipping. When I opened the package at the framers, everyone gasped. It’s gorgeous. It’s on high-quality matte paper. It’s signed in the perfect position for framing as well. I’m thrilled!

Anne Holland · United States

" I put it in my favourites several months ago, but found that I just kept returning to it. I think something about this uncertain time made me feel that it was the perfect piece for our home....every time I look at it, my mind comes up with a different story.

Johanna Kenrick · United Kingdom

Dasha Pears is an award-winning artist, using conceptual fine-art photography as her main medium. Completely self-taught in photography, she is materializing her life experiences, realizations, feelings, and conclusions about life in surrealistic, sometimes dreamy, clean, and peaceful works. Her style is characterized by unique compositions, restrained color choices, and finishing details that lead to whimsical and clever images.


Dasha’s works were included in the list of 35 Most Influential Conceptual Portrait Photographers by the influential portal, were exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Poland, and Russia, and featured multiple times in SaatchiArt & ArtFinder editorial collections and catalogs. Dasha’s photographs can also be found in private collections in Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, the UK, and the United States, as well as on covers of books published all over the world.


Dasha’s mission in life is to create imagery and inspire others, whether by her artworks or by the act of creation itself. Dasha deeply believes that if more people focus on creation instead of destruction the world will become a better place and there will be less hate, harm, and sorrow.


Dasha’s works are available as limited edition prints. You can buy photography prints by Dasha Pears here. Dasha lives in Helsinki, Finland, and shoots her surreal photographs all over the world.

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